Keeping the Family

Stephaine Maybrier's days easily transition from home, to work, and all the extra curricular activies her 3 children partake in. However different the days tasks may look from each other there is always one thing in common, Stephaine keeps her family moving forward together.
Maybrier watches
Over her 3 kids, in the only art class room, tucked away on the east side of the Harrison County High school in Cynthiana KY, and discusses what the reopening of the only high school in Harrison county is going to look like after almost a full year of online classes.

Mayrbrier’s eleven year-old daughter Reighle sits at the school sanctioned chrome book in her online history course, 7 year-old son Dalton Maybrier is testing to see exactly how fast he can spin a rolling chair. Off in a corner, her seventeen year old recently adopted son Paul Coy sits on the floor listening to classic rock, masked pulled down to his chin sipping coke from a styrofoam cup.

Stephanie hops back into her car after taking a short drive around the high school. Required by Harrison County High School, Stephanie spends at least 5 hours each weekday inside the high school building despite all courses being conducted online for the Fall 2020 semester.
Stephine ,32, however is not the art teacher at Harrison County High School, it is merely where her desk sits. She is a special education teachers assistant. However, since the beginning of the Fall 2020- 2021 school year, Stephine has been required by the schooling systems in Harrison county to spend at least 5 hours each week day on the school grounds. Stephaine’s job doesn’t quite translate well to online courses, as her duties, during a in-person school year, consist of moving from class to class with a small group of students in the Special Education program. That’s how she came to be the adopted mother of Paul Coy, a current student of the Special Education program.

"All day I'm worried about them not getting enough time at school."

Stephine Maybrier makes a stop at the closest gas station to the Harrison County High School in Cynthinana, KY, after spending the morning at high school with her three children. Stephanie spends much of the school days ensuring all her children are completing their online course work while also ensuring her position as a Special Education teachers assistant is fulfilled.

From March of 2020 to October of 2020, Maybrier has been a full time care taker for her 3 children, acting as their mother as well as their teacher. Schoolwork is now a 24/7 job for Maybrier, even at home while doing chores such as laundry, making dinner and other various house work she now has an added task of reviewing Reighle’s, Dalton’s, and Paul’s course work and homework to make sure everyone is on track. COVID-19 was not the only aspect of the Maybrier’s life that had drastically changed in the last year. Almost exactly a year ago from October of 2020, Paul Coy’s adoption into their family was finalized.

Before Paul was introduced to the family he was a student of Stephine’s at Harrison county High School in the Special Education Program because he is autistic. Before Paul was welcomed into the Maybrier home he had spent time in the different home of his former teacher and his Aunt after being removed from his biological parents custody.

Sundays in the Maybrier household are the most calm days of the week,however they still consist of large quantities of laundry and plenty of household cleaning. Sundays are also one of the 2 days of the week Justin and Stephanie are home together. Stephanie says, "Yeah, I spend more times with the kids but when he's home, he's on. He could get home after a long day and he'll still help clean or cook."
"I really love getting ready and putting makeup on. I just never have anytime for it anymore."
"I'll never be able to wear makeup again", Stephanie talks to her self after she has been interrupted for the fourth time by the various needs and questions of her children. Despite waking up at 6am each day the Maybriers are only fully ready to leave at around 7:30 am each weekday.

It never was any of Stephine's plans to adopt a son from her classroom, actually it was never her plan to become a teacher. However, as a young recently married woman and first time mother Stephine began to look for jobs and found an opening at Harrison County High school for a Special Education Teachers Assistant. In 2008 she discovered how much she was able to care for the students she would interact with as she began her position as Special Education Teacher Assistant.

After a Friday evening, September 25, 2020 at the local Cynthinana, Ky bowling alley Stephanie hugs Paul good-bye as he goes to spend the night with a former elementary teacher of his.
Dating back to the 1950's, Harrison County High School has the graduating class' yearbook photos lining the hallways of the high school. Paul, who can often be found looking through old school yearbooks, he almost always stops to observe the year book photograph of his biological mother, whom he has not seen in 8 years.
Stephine has always been aware some of her students come from more difficult home lives than others, and in class would hear of their situations sometimes involving foster care. This was a case similar to Paul Coy’s. Stephine would spend her days with him in class and would always say “I’ll take him; he’s a great kid.” So when Coy’s aunt gave up her custody of him, and he was unable to go live with his biological mother or father, foster care became the only option. However, the Child services worker had heard of a teacher who maybe willing to open her home to the 16 year-old.

"He didn't have anyone then, so I just had to."
When you have kids it just changes. I'm not some super mom. Just a mom."
When Stephine got the call to adopt Paul Coy, there was no question in her mind whether or not to do so and after a week of Coy living with the Maybriers each member of the household was enthused to have a new brother and son. Stephine experienced the openness of her younger children as they insisted, “Paul has no where else to go, so he has to come to us."

A year later and the family, although still making minor adjustments to the new dynamic, is a tight unit. Days spent with mom Stephine are filled with activities and school work and nights and weekends at home are filled with laughter, friends and family meals. Although the moments of rest for Stephine are few and far between she passionately insists,"I love my kids. I wouldn't change anything and Paul he's mine."

Stephanie has one tattoo for each child, biological or not, cataloging their birthdays. Shortly after she legally adopted Paul, when he was 16 years old, Stephanie added his birthday and the Autism symbol to her rib cage.
As the Sunday September 27th, 2020, begins to transition into night Stephanie takes a moment to relax on the sofa with Trigger, their dog, and Charles James Dean Coy, their new kitten. Shortly after a few minuets of relaxing, Stephanie is called off by one of her kids to help with weekend homework. 
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